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ZMAN Technologies is a dynamic, new global enterprise that brings together the expertise of foremost halachic authorities, cutting-edge software developers, leading automation engineers, and a world-class product manufacturer for the creation of a new line of products that will revolutionize the interface between Shabbos observance and the practical use of electricity.
The mission of ZMAN Technologies is to harness the capabilities of modern technology and innovative engineering. Our goal is to utilize this collaborative expertise to enhance the observance of Shabbos and Yom Tov.

ZMAN Technologies enjoys the enthusiastic endorsement of leading rabbinic authorities worldwide, who have hailed its mission as a breakthrough in promoting the observance and the splendor of the Shabbos day.

Enhancing & protecting the uncompromising observance of Shabbos and Yom Tov


ZMAN Technologies
Produced by one of the leading manufacturers of home automation and control devices, all ZMAN Technologies' products are engineered, manufactured and assembled in the USA. Our research and development protocols and manufacturing standards meet and exceed UL certification requirements, as well as our uncompromising factory standards of perfection. ZMAN Technologies products are designed to provide long years of satisfactory usage and optimum performance.


About Our Products
ZMAN Technologies' flagship product, the ZMAN Switch, has been heralded the "Next-generation Shabbos Timer". Designed by a former U.S. Air Force Systems developer, this product presents a brand new approach to an age-old concept. The easily installed ZMAN switch contains a micro-computer, pre-programmed with the entire Hebrew calendar thru the year 2050, as well as candle lighting times and nightfall for any location across North America.
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ZMAN Technologies' pioneering research and development is geared to redefining the interface of Shabbos observance and technology in a manner that promotes utmost adherence to the sanctity and splendor of the holy and uplifting day of rest.

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