How it Works
BSafe’s TFCI™ thermal cut-off technology outlet incorporates a multi-sensor thermal switch mechanism. It senses abnormal temperature at each plug outlet and wiring screw terminal on the device and shuts off electrical power to the load on the outlet when overheating occurs.
Preventing the Glowing Connection
BSafe’s TFCI™ is the only technology that can detect abnormal heat at a connection before the Glowing Connection occurs, thereby preventing a potential fire.
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why should the consumer pay a higher price for an outlet?
  • A #1: For peace of mind and the future safety of your family. Until now, all outlets available for installation in our home are the “standard” type. None provide and act on a “abnormal heat - early warning”, a precursor to a fire event, shutting off the power to the outlet to prevent a potential fire. All it takes to cause a fire is one or a combination of wiring deficiencies undetected in a wall outlet, i.e., faulty installation / loose wiring connections, wear and tear of the outlets through use, and “vibration” emanating from the local environment.

    A #2 If the average size home has 30 outlets, would you pay an additional $330.00 to protect your family against a potential catastrophic fire?

  • Q: What causes the thermal device to activate and shut off electrical current?
  • A: The devices are set to activate and shut the power off at abnormal temperatures.
  • Q: Can an electrical fire occur at an outlet that has nothing plugged into it?
  • A: Yes, this is possible because in a series circuit, wires can connect from one wiring device or outlet to another and feed through tabs on the binding head screw terminals. If the potential for a fault exists at a loose screw connection and power is going through it to another outlet, then a fire could start in the absence of the plug. It is highly recommended that all outlets within the branch circuit be replaced with BSafe TFCI outlets.
  • Q: Do circuit breakers and fuses protect against all electrical fires?
  • A: Absolutely not. This is a popular misconception. Your circuit breakers and fuses are tripped or blown when
    circuit is overloaded.
  • Q: Do GFCIs (outlets with a test button, usually found in a bathroom or near a sink) prevent electrical fires?
  • A: Another popular misconception! Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) are not designed to detect heat or prevent fires. They are designed to detect electrical current leakage and prevent electrocution, so that when person becomes the path for an electrical current, as opposed to its usual circuit path, the circuit will shut down.
    Thermal faults normally do not leak any current or cause electrocution, and therefore are not detected by GFCIs.
  • Q: Do the new Arc-Fault Circuit Breakers protect against fire?
  • A: Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI) are designed to detect an arcing or jumping of electricity from point one point to another (e.g., if someone hammers a nail through a wire). The current might jump from part of wire to the nail, creating an arc. However, an arc-fault detector will not detect a thermal condition in most series circuits or high resistive connections. UL Standard 1699, Standard for
    AFCI's, specifically states that AFCI does not detect glowing connections.

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TFCI™ – The Development of Thermal Cut-off Technology

In the last 25 years little has been done to detect outlet overheating and the subsequent fires caused by faulty, damaged, or improperly installed wall outlets, power strips, extension cords, etc. A simple installation error, such as insufficient tightening at binding head screw terminals, a poor splicing connection, or connections loosened over time from normal wear or vibration, can produce abnormal heat build-up behind walls, potentially leading to catastrophic fires and death.

BSafe® recognized this lack of development and set out to bring a new level of safety and security to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. BSafe set out to create a better and safer outlet using TFCI™, which detects excessive heat and employs an electro-mechanical cutoff. This technology is ubiquitous and can be incorporated into many electrical wiring devices to make them safer during their useful life.Now, for the first time BSafe TFCI outlet is exclusively available from Zman Technologies

Facts About Electrical Fires

> Home electrical wiring problems cause 67,800 fires, 485 deaths and $868 million in property losses each year intentional repetition of this fact?

> Studies indicate a disproportionate number of home electrical fires occur in structures 40 or more years old.

> Fires commonly occur, in part, due to:

  • > Electrical system failure and appliance defects and poor maintenance
  • > Misuse of electrical appliance
  • > Incorrectly installed wiring, and overload circuits and extension cords
  • > Glowing Connections at the wire terminals, outlet contact in the device attachments in the outlet, damaged areas on insulated wiring, or loose splicing wire connections.

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